Learn English in a new way with Urban English Adventures Boston

Urban Immersion Adventures 

English Immersion Courses in New York City and Boston

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New York City July 26-29, 2018

Boston August 23-26, 2018

  • 100% English immersion
  • Speak with natives
  • Get feedback
  • Become confident

$729 or 2 payments of $389.

Hurry! Space is limited!

urban English immersion course

What is the Urban English Adventure?

"A new way to learn English and explore the cities of Boston and New York."

Are you an adventurous English learner with a positive attitude?

Are you ready for a new way to build English confidence?

When you join the Urban English Adventure you get to:

*See Boston or New York from a local's perspective

*Practice your English with native speakers

*Participate in games, challenges, and social events! 

*Use the city as your classroom, build confidence, and have fun!

The program includes 3 days, at least 32 program hours and at least 12 hours with native speakers.

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In this program we speak English 100% of the time. We will push you to find the word in English and CONNECT.

We will improve your technical English including grammar and vocabulary in everyday conversation situations with real native speakers.

100% English immersion


You will participate in urban games, challenges, and social events with friendly native English speakers from Boston. You'll discuss politics, your culture, movies, and many other topics. 

You'll get corrected while you speak in many of the challenges.

You'll get at least 12 hours of speaking time with native speakers. You'll become more confident, flexible, spontaneous, and motivated through hundreds of conversations with natives.


This is not your typical English school! You will complete urban English challenges which require you to explore the city, accomplish speaking tasks, and speak to local shop owners, restaurant workers, etc.

By completing this challenges you will learn REAL English and you will build flexible English skills. Leave your textbook at home and come speak REAL English with us!

Some of the challenges are focused on learning how to CONNECT while other challenges are focused on building your technical language skills and your English will be corrected.

Quote from participant: " Right now I feel more confident and ready to speak to anyone in English , my listening improve around 60 % and my speaking improve 80 - 90 % so today I'm feeling more spontaneus and confortable Speaking in English"


In August we attended a Red Sox baseball game. We had typical Fenway Park hot dogs, beers, and cheered for the home team.

 In October we attended a Harvard-Princeton Football game. 

In this program you will attend a fun American cultural event to experience one key part of American culture and to take part in the tradition with local people. 


You will attend dinner with our group and some native speakers at a typical American restaurant. During the dinner we speak 100 % in English and you will have a chance to ask the native speakers any questions you have about American culture.

Get more comfortable with your socializing skills in English!


This program is hosted and led by Lindsay and Michelle or Lindsay or Jessica so you will meet us, get to know us, and hang out with us all weekend.

Let's come together and use Connection NOT Perfection to explore the great cities of Boston and New York!


You will never forget the friends that you meet in this program. You will learn about their cultures and share your own culture.

You will be a part of a small and wonderful group of motivated English learners. Your fellow students will motivate you to push yourselt out of your comfort to become the best English speaker that you can be while you are in Boston or New York.

Many students stay in touch afer the program online and through visiting each other's countries.


Evaluation and action plan meeting

1-1 Evaluation and Action Plan Meeting 

At the end of the weekend you will meet 1-1 with one of us (Lindsay, Jessica or Michelle) to receive your evaluation and action plan. 

We will closely watch your performance throughout the weekend and we'll advise you on how you can improve your technical English, the way you present yourself, and your ability to connect in English. 

This feedback will motivate and inspire you to keep pushing your English level higher when you go home.


A few weeks before the program you will receive a step step video-based preparation course that will help you get ready for Boston or New York. The course will be 100% online and self-guided so you can complete it when you have time.


You will be invited to join our special student-only Facebook group where you can meet other students on the trip, make plans to meet up before the adventure starts, and ask your questions.

You can also get in touch with students from previous groups to ask their advice on how to prepare.



In the Urban Immersion Adventure you spend at leat 12 hours of the program time with native speakers. You speak real English with them in natural social situations and speaking challenges. 

You will get a chance to experience the way that real natives speak. You'll become confident while speaking with them. You can also ask them anything that you want about life in the US and in their city.

Alison Bieber

Alison was one of our native speakers in the Boston program in the summer of 2017.

Alison has been living in Boston for the last three years. She has a degree from the Boston Conservatory and has studied music theory. She also works in music with special needs students. 

She is a kind and outgoing person who enjoys helping students get confident in English. She loves meeting people and making connections all over the world. She loves languages and has studied Italian, German, and French. 

Will Perriault

Will was a native conversation partner in the programs in August and October 2017 in Boston.

Will is a full time student at UMASS Boston and he works at a burger restaurant. He loves being a conversation partner because everyone in the program has a great attitude. He enjoys meeting people from all over the world. He also loves showing people the city of Boson. Will was born in Boston and has lived there most of his life. 

A fun fact about Will is that he takes care of his elderly cat Charlie who is 19 years old.

Laura Murphy

Laura was a native conversation partner in August and October 2017 in Boston.

Laura is an elementary school teacher in East Boston.

She loves getting to meet and connect with cool and interesting students in the program.

She loves to exercise, do yoga, and spin classes.


"Personally, I cannot compare to the other traditional English classes because AEE program is AMAZING!!! English class teaches the language, English, but AEE program teaches the deeper level of our real life in English through our experiences."

"This program is more valuable ($) than a traditional language school because is performed day by day trough the real life in all kind of situations during the each day, besides is the best oportunity to have a depth conversations with real natives"

"Real, natural, enjoyable. That's for me was the best of all. On monday, I really missed the course. That's the main indicator that the course was good."

"Everybody was passionate, not like in language schools. Everybody wanted to connect and that's why the group was so much fun to be in. "I liked the interaction with locals in little games and the chance to get to know all of them. I liked to experience the American culture "live", the input of cultural relevance (of the city, the accent, sports) and participating in them as "supporter" or "fan" and not like tourist so much"

"I got a job in the US. I am going to Cleveland to become a doctor! I was overwhelmed by the thought of attending interview in the US, so I applied to your program to improve myself and get more confident."

"I’m so happy that it turned out well. Your program was right and I was also right!" -Jinwook, October 2017 Urban Immersion Adventure

"It's more valuable than a traditional language school because the students will have the opportunity to interact with native speakers in real life English at variety situations. The venue of studying will be changed to various places around the city which keep motivate and encourage the students' interest. Studying format is not boring."

"They can feel the challenge of overcoming their fear in communicating in English with the help of their team members and native speakers who are there to support them at hand.They will be inspired to keep growing in their English studying journey."

"You speak only English, doesn't matter if someone else is from your country. I loved the real life experience on the streets . The natives are awesome, super nice people and patient though"

"We can chat with not only English teachers but the Natives with various backgrounds, occupations, ages, and genders. It was fun to take risks. We can continue doing your challenges after the program because the adventure is supported our spontaneity as much as they can. We can feel this is the start line to have fun to connect to the natives."

"For me, it was a great opportunity to gain confidence, to break this barrier that I have when I have to speak in english. I think that I know a lot of words, I've studied grammar for a while, but when you have to speak, in real and improvised situation, the challenge is much bigger. 

So, the opportunity to spend time with native speakers, and with friends from all over the world, and see that their struggles are pretty much the same as mine, and even with that, the natives are understanding us, this was the nicest thing for me, what I took for me as a life lesson."

"To react and speak more spontaneously in English, having a little experience and more faith in making the first step towards native speakers without feeling rejected or anxious because of my accent/wrong structure. The combination of games with locals and challenges in the group were perfect."

"I got be able to ask the natives again and again until I figured out when I met words, expression, and phrases which it wasn’t clear, personally. I couldn’t do that before this adventure because I didn’t want to bother them nor interrupt their stories. Through the telephone practice and talking to a lot of natives, that experience made me eased and get confident because the challenges, sometimes I had to catch the specific words to describe to the others. Now, I feel like it’s OK whatever I ask if I don’t get it because it’s important to have a connection."

" That was a really full immersion that "forced" us to speak in English all the time 15 hours a day, so now I could say I'm more confident to speak in English and that I know better how to use my English." 

"If you want to compare I can say that in a school you have one teacher at time, here we had 8 native speakers at the same time."


Harvard tour

"Hey, Boston Adventure Family!!!! How can I express this amazing epic Adventure in Portuguese?? Soooo fun!!! 

What a super lucky group!!!!! All of your positive and kind atmosphere made this adventure brilliant! And most importantly, this is because Lindsay, Michelle and Jessica took an action of this idea then working incredibly hard!!! I really really appreciate it!!! This was the best weekend I've ever had!! Let's keep in touch, guys! "  

"One thing I did not see coming was the amazing support by Lindsay and Jessica. Not only we (participants) could meet you but we spent most of the time together, which was really beyond my expectation."

"Also, the program was really well-organized and I had so many great challenging during the program."

"Considering the time we spent with native conversational partners, the price was really great deal."  

telephone practice

harvard yard

"I loved the idea of being given lots of time to speak in English. I was what I expected for the price. Schedule was really jam-packed and you were there to help us at all times. I was worth the price."

"I just want to say big “THANK YOU” to all of you for having me in the wonderful adventure. That was awesome and far beyond my expectations. I miss you all already! Let’s keep in touch!"  

"Four months after the program the husband of my sister who is Canadian was at my home and you can't image how easily we were connected all the time. He doesn't speak any word in Spanish. My sister is excited about my fluency, confidence in English. Thanks to you and Michelle for every thing that we learned in Boston Adventure especially for giving us the opportunity to overcome our fears about getting connected in English. "

"It was absolutely great adventure. Now I feel much confident and comfortable with speaking English. I don’t feel pressured to prepare before speaking. Thank you so much! . This program is really unique and I think that comparing to what we paid, it was excellent."

"After the Language adventure my mind switched to talk in English more than when I stayed 3 months. And I don't know if it was for just the Language adventure and or for the continuing listening to the podcast but I had an Interview in english by phone that lasted 30 min for an internship abroad, without any fear about the language.  

I can also say that when I think that I could not be enough about doing something in English, i just repeat in my mind "Connection NOT Perfection" and every shyness or fear disappear. So now is part of my lifestyle."

Harvard football game

"ALL ENGLISH NO NATIVE LANGUAGE! Before the program, I consider myself doing good by immersing myself in English speaking country and use English every day. However, when I text my family and my friends I used Japanese. 

However, through this AEE program, I literally cannot use Japanese even talk with Ko-Yo san (Japanese )."

" At first I felt so frustrated since I could not express my feeling well but little by little I got used to it.I realized the importance of shutting down native language if you really want to become fluent in English. So now I try not to use Japanese as much as possible. "

"I want to share this experience with you. The most fabulous moment was when native speakers came with us to speak about politics topics. We had a face to face moment with them and in particularly one for me with Carole. She is wonderful because thanks to her I got this thing. It doesn't matter if you take time to find a word or make a sentence, the fact is you have to breath and your words naturally gonna coming up. She gave me that tip and now l'm able to take a deep breath before starting a hard conversation and it's right, words gonna coming up more easily."

"To finish, it was this part to me which was important, having a face to face with a native speaker who doesn't judge me and gives me tips to continue to improve my English. Why? Because this moment helps me to give me more confidence and now I dare to speak and make mistakes. I truly believe in connection, not perfection."

article club with native speakers



Questions? Contact us! Lindsay@allearsenglish.com or call 347-554-1877