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The 7 Simple Secrets to Connection in English

In this video tutorial we show you the 7 things you must do to CONNECT in English with native speakers.

What People Are Saying

“First and foremore, thank you so much for your great work! First thing in the morning is listening to your podcast and enjoying the refreshing dialogues between you girls."  

"Moreover – as a member of the Secrets of the Connected Communicator Club – I love watching all the interesting interviews you did throughout the US."

“Connected Communicator is the best course I have ever seen since I began learning English. It teaches you not only listening skills, but also gives you a great opportunity to get to know how native speakers live, think, talk and how they perceive the world."

"Learning English is all about being immersed into the culture so you have to experience their life as well, no matter you truly live in that country or just through the internet. I would highly recommend this course to you if you were to find somebody or something can lend you a hand with your English.”

“Lindsay's and Jessica’s courses are so well done that you forget that you’re there to learn. They take you to parts of the USA to which you may never have the opportunity to go."

"One of the biggest benefits of the Bridge To Connection was I quickly gained confidence in my pronunciation and it I felt my communicating skills were freed like by magic. My English speaking friends noticed the difference right away!”

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